Chinese Dissidents to Hunger Strike for Freedom, in memory of Tiananmen Square Victims
(Call on the World to Remember the Dead, the Imprisoned)

Washington, D.C.-- Over forty Chinese dissidents leaders and pro-democracy supporters will engage in a 48-hour hunger strike outside the Chinese Embassy on June 3rd, beginning at 12:00 noon to commemorate the victims of Tiananmen Square who senselessly lost their lives 11 years ago in a massacre initiated by the Chinese Communist government that  resulted in the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of students demonstrators who were calling for democratic reform in China. A press conference of Hunger Strikers will be held at 2:00 pm. A candlelight memorial service will also be held at 7:00 pm.

Among those dissidents and supporters participating in the hunger strike will be:
1. Shengde Lian, co-captain of 1989 Protest in Beijing, political
    prisoner, leader of FCM
2. Richard Long, former activist in Beijing in 1989, editor of VIP
    reference and leader of FCM
3. Pan Guoping, veteran dissident leader, political prisoner, leader of
    CDP and FCM
4. Zhao Pingu, labor leader political prisoner, chair International Association of        Chinese Workers
5. Hua Xiazhi, labor leader in 1989, president of Worldwide Chinese
6. Zhou Jianhe, co-founder of China Democracy Party from Shanghai, China
7. Li Shixiong, leader Free China Movement, 21 years in labor camp
8. Gao Xing, student activist in 1989 and political prisoner
9. Thomas Yale, veteran human rights activist and political prisoner
10. Liu Jun, former student activist and political prisoner from 1989
11. Timothy Cooper, International Director of FCM, Ambassador-at-Large, CDP
12. Li Wenfang, Chinese dissident from Florida
13. Xu Shibiao, Chinese dissident from Florida
14. Chen Lixiang, Chinese dissident former religious prisoner
15. Wang Jingtian, Chinese dissident from New York City
16. Kathy Polias, Executive Director, Uyghur Human Rights Coalition
17. Mavlan Yasin  Uyghur activist from California
18. Ven. Dhammapiyo Bhikkhu, Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc.
      in Nepal 977-1-546705
19. Shi Jun China Democracy Party North American Branch from Chicago
20. Sun Xiang China Democracy Party North American Branch from Chicago
21. Liu Yunping, former student activist in Zhengzhou University in 1989 from NYC
22. Xie Fuming veteran human rights activist and scientist from China
23. Xing Wen Chinese dissident, leader of Free China Movement from West VA
24. Ji Hong Chinese dissident,writer Beijing Spring
25. Zhou Yugang Chinese dissident
26. Zhang Daqing Chinese dissident
27. Mr. Guo  Chinese dissident from Florida
28. Shu Yang Chinese dissident
29. Zhou Xugang Chinese dissident
30. Wang Zheng Chinese dissident
31. Liu Zhengdong Chinese dissident
32. Shu Tunqing Chinese dissident
33. Zhou Yaihui Chinese dissident
And 15 others from Chicago, Maryland...

WHO: Chinese dissidents from Tiananmen Square

WHEN: June 3rd, 2:00 pm Press Conference

WHERE: Chinese Embassy, 2300 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D.C.

A candlelight memorial service will be held at 7:00 pm at the embassy.

HUNGER STRIKE FOR FREEDOM is sponsored by DC Office of Free China Movement, Free China Forum, International Association of Chinese Workers, China Democracy Party North American Branch, Worldwide Chinese Association, Uyghur Human Rights Coalition , Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc., Transition to Democracy of George Washington University, George Washington Students for a Free Tibet, George Washington University Chapter of Free China Movement, World United Formosans for Independence (WUFI) and Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch.