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China Democracy Party (CDP) Press Release (English) (Chinese)
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Dear Mr. Anan and Mrs. Robinson
United Nations and Human Rights Commission of UN:

As you have worried and mentioned frequently that even though Chinese government has signed two international Covenants of United Nations but the People's Congress of China has not ratified these two treaties yet until today.

We, the Hubei Branch of China Democracy Party and WuHai Headquarter of China Human Rights Observer, urge the Chinese People's Congress to ratify the two international treaties as soon as possible in order to change the worsening image of China's human rights and the image of the Chinese government. Because of this reason we decided to hold the Research Forum Urging Chinese Congress to Ratify the Two Covenants from March 1 to March 3 in Wuhai city, China.

In your honor we would like to extend our respectful invitation to you: please kindly participate or send your representatives to participate in this forum and give us  keynote speeches on the importance of the two treaties from UN at this coming forum.

Our respectful Mr. Anan and Mrs. Robinson, Chinese government has always told you and the international community that it does respect human rights and the rights are protected very well in mainland China. We hope the preparation of the forum and the actual Discussion Forum itself will be another test of their promises, which were made to you and in front of the international community before.

The major goals and topics of this forum will be:
In order to excise the rights of free association we organized into China Democracy Party and China Human Rights Observer.
We call for the guarantee of our basic rights of peaceful assembly and free expression of our beliefs and thoughts.
We'll kindly propose to the People's Congress of China to ratify the two covenants Chinese government already signed.
Two of the guests we are inviting are the most respectful guests in the world: Mr. Anan and Mrs. Robinson.

We believe this forum is totally legal according to Chinese Constitution, International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

We hope this forum will not meet any obstacles from the Chinese government and its police. We really hope that there will be no crack down on the participants and supporters of this forum. We believe Mr. Anan, Mrs. Robinson and the whole international community would not like to see ant obstruction or even crack down happening before and after this forum!
The greatest Confucian Philosopher once said: "Isn't happy to have friends coming from far away?"

Thank you very much!

Chen Zhonghe, Chair of Hubei Branch of China Democracy Party
Xiao Shichang, Sectary General of Wuhan Headquarter of Human Rights Observer
02/06/1999 from Wuhan, China          (30)