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Declaration of the China Labor Party (Draft)
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Declaration of the China Labor Party (Draft)
by LI, Yongming (alias)


The best representative of a person in the society is the person himself. Similarly, the most suitable representative of a social class is the class itself. However, in such a time that the new century is coming, in China, a huge class has lost its representative. This class is the working class in China.

The Chinese Communist Party used to be the working class's representative. However, as reality has shown, how can those educated elite, businessmen and administrators that are sitting high above the working class really represent the workers in the front line of social production?

At the same time, we firmly believe that the interest and opinion of a person in a society changes with the role that the person plays in the society. An educated elite person in a scientific research institution can not at all represent the true interest of a worker, because he hasn't felt himself a worker's pain and need. What's more, even if someone used to be a worker, as long as he had changed his status as a worker, e.g., becoming an entrepreneur or administrator, he would lose the right to represent the workers.

Therefore, we hold such opinions: those who can represent the workers are only the workers themselves. If the workers organize a political party to speak on behalf of them, first of all, the majority of this party's members should be ordinary workers on their jobs; second, in the leading agency of this party, the overwhelming majority should be ordinary workers on their jobs. These are the criteria of whether the party is the workers' party and whether it can represent the workers.

Based on these reasons, today, we declare to the whole society: in China, the working class will again organize its real party that will speak on behalf of it.

1. Social class and political party.

A single political party can not represent so many social classes at the same time. If certain party claims it can make it, it'll represent the interest of no one but its own clique. In our society, social classes demonstrated new characteristics. The people gave the power to a small group of people; however, a significant portion among this small group of people took advantage of their power to change their living environment and condition, became selfish and perfidious, and converted their power into illegal possession of the public properties.

Then, new social classes were formed from the citizens that used to be equal, because of different possession of public assets. Therefore, a new propertied class has been formed among those who are linked with political power, whereas more ordinary people are simply cast off. Since ordinary workers don't constitute the majority of the Chinese Communist Party members, CCP failed to firmly protect the working class's interest when the latter was violated. Because of the working class's characteristics -- they are hired workers that depend on selling their labor force, once a worker gets rid of his work clothes and goes into the government to command the operation of economy and business investment, he is no longer a worker and can no longer represent the immediate interests of the working class.

Similarly, a political party and the class it represents has the relationship of a drummer and a band; once a drummer leaves the band, he can no longer represent the band, but only represent himself.

2. Political party and the source of political power

The legal source of a political party's power is the class that it represents. Therefore, a legal political party shall absolutely not exert violence in the class that it represents in order to maintain its power. In a civilized society and in such a new time, more tolerance should exist between different classes in stead of mutual dictatorship and oppression. Any dictatorship in a society can only show its imperfection and even backwardness. Therefore, the Chinese Labor Party will not exert dictatorship upon any person and any class, in order to pursue a peaceful and harmonic society.

3. The relationship between the Chinese Labor Party and different social classes.

The Chinese Labor Party will represent the interests of the ordinary industrial workers and manual workers, negotiate with the authorities and employers on behalf of the workers on the issues of living, welfare, medical care, boarding, etc., and fight for the workers' interest in state policy.

The Chinese Labor Party will never become and not want to become the governing party, it only works for the protection of the workers' interests and rights. If the Chinese Labor Party utilizes or requests the state institution of violence to solve disputes among the working class at any time and with any excuse, this will become the indication that the Chinese Labor Party has left the working class and ceases to be the working class's representative.

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