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 Political opposition activists in Beijing gain broad support in cities throughout China, and are forming unprecedented democratic opposition coalition. China Democracy Party leaders in Beijing announce plans an open China Democracy Party National Representative Congress to be held in China in 2000 to strengthen democratic opposition movement there; Oversees Free China Movement Dissidents to send representatives to join Conference next year


November 7, 1998

Washington D.C.- The Free China Movement, the Washington based Chinese Democracy Movement umbrella coalition announced today that the China Democratic Party, the democratic opposition party in China, will be holding a national conference in the year 2000 in China to strengthen the movement and coordinate pro democracy activities in China. The conference is being sponsored by the "Steering Committee of the China Democracy Party National Representative Convention" which is implementing projects such as The China Human Rights Watch, Anti-Corruption Watch, and Religious Freedom Watch. Members of the Opposition CDP National Conference Steering Committee are prominent Chinese dissidents Xu Wenli, Gao Hongming, Cha Jianguo, Liu Shizhuen, and Zhang Hui( more will be invited to join).


According to Shengde Lian, former Captain of Tian An Men Square, and executive director of the Free China Movement, said "The China Democracy Party National Representative Convention Steering Committee" will serve the needs of more than 10 Chinese Democratic Party provincial committees and coordinate the activities among them." Mr. Lian said, the "Free China Movement Washington DC Office strongly supports the Chinese Democratic Party's efforts to peacefully work for democratic change in China. We will be contacting sympathetic American Congressmen, foundations, and various human rights and pro-democracy organizations in order to solicit their support for this very exciting and historical event."


He further stated, "The Chinese dissidents both inside and outside China do not fear persecution. Just like Nelson Mendela, we will endure all the necessary hardships in order to peacefully promote freedom, peace, and democracy in China. There are hundreds of millions of Chinese people who are yearning for democracy and improved economic conditions, something the current communist dictatorship will never achieve because they are inherently corrupt, evil, and do not believe in a democratic government."


He further commented, "According to the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights the Chinese government just signed one month ago, the citizens of China have the rights of free association, and Chinese law does not prohibit citizens to form a political party. We hope that the Chinese Communist Government will abide by the newly signed Covenant; however recent continuous arrests and detentions of Chinese Democracy Party activists and other dissidents show otherwise. If we have the strong support of the American people and international community, the Chinese government will be less likely to arrest democratic opposition leaders and activists in China, and the conference will go on as scheduled."


Joel Segal, American Director of the Free China Movement said, "The United States government and the international community must make it clear to the Chinese Government that we support the peaceful and democratic efforts of the opposition leaders in China. Not to do so would be a betrayal of the American ideal of democracy, and would be a slap in the face to all Americans who fought and died for democracy all over the world, including Asia." Furthermore, he said, " The United Nations International Covenant Of Civil & Political Rights is a wonderful document, but if it is not enforced by the United Nations than it has no teeth behind it, and will not have the moral force that the drafters of the document intended it to have. We must do what is right- support the China Democracy Party and the other brave reformers of China who only want the same rights most of the international community already enjoys- freedom and democracy."


All Chinese oversees dissidents in exile have been invited to attend the China Democracy Party National Conference, something that many Chinese dissidents who live oversees are welcoming. Wang Xizhe, oversees representative of the dissident community in China, and a spokesperson and leader of the Free China movement, said, "I am honored to be a member of the Steering Committee. We call for the international support from the exile community and in the international community. If we work together, China can have a real chance to gain democracy in the near future!"


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