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  Letter to President Clinton and Vice President Gore on behalf of Zhong Gong leader Zhan Hongbao10/26/2000 An Open Letter to the President and Vice President of the United States

 October 26, 2000

 The Honorable President Clinton and Vice President Gore:

 We, the undersigned, members of Free China Movement, are writing to you to
 respectfully plea for your attention that something terribly wrong under your
 Administration in relation to China has been going on and on.  We
 respectfully appeal to you: Please release Mr. Zhang Hongbao, the
 internationally prominent Zhong Gong leader from jail cell on the U.S. soil
 now!  Please stop any further disgraceful efforts to turning Mr. Zhang
 Hongbao back into the bloody hands of murderous Dictators in Beijing!

 Under your Administration's unconditional endorsement and moral support to
 Beijing, the world's worst totalitarian dictatorship has shown to the world
 NO restraint in its nationwide campaigns to ruthlessly persecute religious
 believers of all faiths in communist China, in the meantime, threatening the
 peace of the world.  The Department of Justice, as the arm of your
 Administration, has unreasonably, and continuously jailed, since this
 January, Mr. Zhang Hongbao, the leader of Zhong Gong, a peaceful spiritual
 movement involving more than 30 million members in communist China.  The
 Department of Justice has not only illegally and immorally instructed the
 prison authorities of Guam to continue to hold Mr. Zhang in Jail after the
 Immigration Court granted him humanitarian protection under the Torture
 Convention, it has gone extra miles to make further efforts to accommodate
 the totalitarian China's extradition demand.

 I am sure you know that the Chinese Communist Party is still stubbornly
 maintaining their "dictatorship of proletariat (Art.1 of the PRC's
 Constitution)" in China by persecuting anybody and any organization that
 holds different faith and belief (Art.24 of the PRC Constitution) and by
 suppressing people's harmless efforts for better physical and spiritual
 health and their efforts for themselves to reach more ethical, higher moral
 standards, let alone their efforts to pursue for democracy.  They even
 consider Qigong, a Chinese cultural heritage whose purpose is to promote well
 being in people both in terms of health and ethics, "a factor that endangers
 the dictatorship of proletariat".  Since last year, they began large scale
 nationwide persecution campaign against Qigong organizations.  Despite the
 condemnation from the international community, the persecution has since
 become more severe and more and more Qigong meditators are being persecuted
 in forms of torture, public degrading, imprisonment, extra judicial detention
 and extra-judicial killings, confiscation and destruction of their lawful
 properties, illegal deprivation of their livelihood and state organized
 nasty, perjurious defamation campaign.

  In the midst of this disastrous midnight of high tide of religious
 persecution, those who are personally targeted for ruthless persecution but
 escaped from the life threatening risk and fortunately exiled in the United
 States wish that they can be protected by the US government on this God
 blessing land of Constitutional democracy.

 Thus, the leader of Zhong Gong, Mr. Hongbao Zhang has chosen the United
 States as a safe haven in whose protection he can continue his merciful work
 for his suffered fellow citizens.   The "proletarian" dictators in Beijing
 has taken an unprecedented harsh measures to interfere the internal affairs
 and judicial independence of the United States, the Embassy of the PRC and
 the spokesperson for the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs both wanted your
 administration to compromise the national dignity to serve the PRC's
 political agenda by demanding Mr. Zhang's extradition for groundless,
 libelous and shameless charge of alleged "sex offense".  Using the same
 disgraceful scheme, the PRC has executed the beloved Christian leaders most
 recently such as Rev. Wu Yangming, and Rev. Liu Jiaguo.  Both were murdered
 in the silence of the free world.   These dictators in Zhong Nan Hai have
 obviously been spoiled by your Administration, now they want to extend their
 murderous jurisdiction of proletarian dictatorship into this great land of
 freedom, even before the reach of their DF-41s.   Unfortunately, what the
 Justice Department under your Administration is doing now by continuing
 imprisoning Mr. Zhang with the obvious efforts to turning him back into the
 bloody hands of these Beijing butchers is serving the Beijing's political
 agenda.   To led your helping hands to Stalinist hardliner Jiang Zemin to
 persecute or murder the innocent is not decent. It hurts the feeling of
 freedom loving people of both nations.
 The real reason behind so-called "felony" charge, Chinese Communist Party
 consider Mr. Zhang's different political opinions as "against the
 constitutional theoretical bases upon which the People's Republic of China is
 founded".  They fear that Zhong Gong under Zhang may become a big organized
 opposition force, a peaceful alternative for China.  The higher moral
 discipline of Zhong Gong, Fa Lun Gong members has also embarrassed and
 invalidated the morally corrupted Jiang Zemin Clique.  The ultimate reason
 for the totalitarians under Die-hard Stalinist hardliner strongman Jiang
 Zemin to eliminate Zhong Gong and Fa Lun Gong is, according to Jiang's own
 admission, is to clean its backyard in order to better prepare "an inevitable
  war" "warfare exceeding maximum limit" ("chao xian zhan") against the United
 States and its democratic allies.  Consequently, to help the world's most
 dangerous Stalinist Regime to achieve its lethal strategic goal will not only
 derogate this great nation's founding value, but directly hurt its paramount
 national security interests.

  What should be uncovered is the plain truth that the undergoing conflict
 between the freedom and remaining communism of its worst type is a strategic
 conflict, all the other conflict does not have strategic significance.  It
 will determines the life or death issue in near future.  Compromising U.S.
 strategic national interests in 1940s to allow the communist take-over in
 China had directly led to great American casualty in Korea, ten times greater
 than that of Pearl Harbor.  In comparison to the future risk under the
 misguided policy, Korean casualty may be too little.  When this
 Administration declared "Three No's" to its democracy ally, endorsing "Three
 Rights (right time, right place, right leader)" to a diehard Stalinist
 dictator at the critical timing, we saw the guiding principle of this great
 nation has been completely misguided (such misleading can be traced back to
 November 1969 when secret Cohen Memo was produced and 1947 when Stewart
 Service gained the momentum).

 Therefore, they tried desperately to keep Mr. Hongbao Zhang from mere
 surviving anywhere.  Their plan is to take Mr. Hongbao Zhang back to China
 and execute him so as to get rid of their "horror in their deep heart," like
 they did in Rev. Wu Yangming, Rev. Liu Jiaguo's case.  The U.S. Department of
 Justice under your Administration is obviously helping them implement such a
 "final solution".

 The Hon. Judge of Hawaii immigration court correctly decided not to deport
 Mr. Hongbao Zhang despite the huge pressures from your Administration.
 Although the Honorable Judge has revoked her decision to grant Mr. Zhang
 political asylum (made in this past June) under the same pressure, as the
 reflection of pressures from Beijing.

 We will closely watch the progress and the outcome of this situation.  We
 believe your great wisdom will direct you to make right decision.

 Yours truly,

 Free China Movement
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la déclaration de    du   moral de but le gouvernement chinois a peur
d'une unifiée et un mouvement exile plus efficace surveille; nous
mettons en gage pour être un réseau libre fortement organisé et
structuré de mouvement de la Chine qui défiera le legitmacey de la RPC
chaque possible oppurtunitty. Le mouvement libre de la Chine croit que
la Chine devrait être régie par la règle de la loi démocratique, se
conformer à la déclaration de l'cOnu des droits de l'homme, et respecter
la liberté de la parole, de pensée, de religion, et d'assemblage. Nous
supportons des élections ouvertes et libres en Chine. Nous nécessitons
la version immédiate de tous les prisonniers politiques et religieux de
conscience en notre Chine aimée. Nous représentons la droite de tout
chinois de vivre dans la dignité et d'avoir la liberté pour pratiquer
leur religion sans crainte de persécution. Nous supportons l'exécution
ouverte et libre des syndicats autonomes dans l'ensemble de la Chine.
Nous voulons que la Chine soit un pays où le gouvernement est pour les
gens, par le peuple, et où la volonté des chinois détermine le gouvernement,
pas le gouvernement déterminant le genre de système é conomique, politique,
et social le peuple vivra dedans par la force brutale, l'intimidation, l'utilisation
de la torture, et l'emprisonnement. Comme mouvement dissident politique
organisé intérieur et extérieur de la Chine, nous recherchons à unir toute la
libre de la
Chine organismes de mouvement et individus qui sont consacrés à ces
principes. Nous tâchons de devenir une force significative dans la
politique du monde, et avons l'intention de défier avec succès la
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