Re: the Largest Lie of Human History:Hiroshima A-bomb

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Posted by boogyy on November 25, 2003 at 09:10:33:

In Reply to: the Largest Lie of Human History:Hiroshima A-bomb posted by Ishihara' grandfather on January 25, 2000 at 02:26:16:

: Hi Guys,
: There are some bad Japanese held a conference tittled" the Largest Lie of This Century: Nanking Massacre" at Osaka on January 23, 2000. Also they created many websites to spread their rumors , like the following:
: Inspired by those "smart" Japanese' "genious" idea , I think now that every history event can be distorted so easily on purposely, then our human history will be turned into a ridicuous fiction in the near future. I have an astonishing new finding here ! Why can not this story be sure, if you can explain the photo os Nanjing Massacre by the way of taking granted? After I researched the photoes and other data of Hiroshima atomic bomb event according their "scientific" methods , I draw a definite surprising conclusion : Hiroshima atomic bomb event is the Largest Lie of Human History! Nothing happened at Hiroshima on August 6 , 1945! No atomic bomb explosion at all! All the photoes are clumsily forged ones. The true fact is that the atomic bomb named Little Boy was a failed one at that time, it never got exploded, when the America polit droped it , it happened to hit on one woman's head she died of that fatal hit, her name was Ishihara Hanako . But there do was a very serious fire at Hiroshima coincided on that very day. Mr Ishihara's eld son who was 9 years old at that time played fire with a match at that day( He ran away and survived and became the chief of Tokyo Perfacture late in 1999), and it caught a very serious fire of his father's firecracker factory, because the house of most Japanese were made of woods at that time, it was out of control and most houses of Hiroshima was burnt. Because the fire continued for three days and all the city poeple knew that terrible fire at the very beginning and most of them ran away , no serious death happened. The death toll was in fact 531(including 514 pets, others were Ishihara's family members and firecracker factory workers) . The US Navy was cheated by the coincided fire and Japanese news for more than 54 years! In fact Japanese army stole the atomic bomb Little Boy , and transfered it to an Atomic Weapon research center at Ibaraki and kept on imitating atomic bomb until a serious nuclear leak accident happened at end of1999. How about my new "research" finding? Interesting? I hope some of you guys can turn as many as stories like this one into websites and spread them all over the world. It is so easy to creat a website!

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