Re: Where can I find an online training program for putting my personal and financial affairs in an optimal situation through my own enterprise

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Posted by Bill Champ on October 31, 2003 at 21:32:14:

Larry, I hope you don't mind me sharing your post. I have gone through the site and decided that for the kinds of personal vision it proposes to harness, everybody should probably take a look at it.
How are you? although this is not directly in your area, I can share with you some information that has been shared with me. This is education that is missing in traditional educational resources. Technology makes it easy to provide powerful training. The way they explain it, it is a framework in which there is something you are trying to do being made possible. Everybody who participates is there to engage in thier private pursuit. It has a lot to do with directing attention. They say not to look at their training program as a traditional training workshop, but as a place to look at what you really want and work to create a mental construct that allows you to do things yiou could not otherwise have done on your own resources. First, there will be a private goal toward which you want to move. Then you go through ways and means to bring to bear on your mental construct that guides your day to day decisins and actions. They use computer-assisted probing that draw on amazing depth. They make you think about what you have been doing with your life and your time and what you ought to be doing instead to move in the direction you would like to see yourself going in. They make you explore where you want each area of your life to be in a year and what you ought to be doing day by day to make it so. They really show you how easy it can be to build the kind of life you would like to have by directing attention on fixing each area one at a time. In order to plan what tomorrow will bring they get you to think about: What will happen if you do this? What will be the reaction if you act this way? Take a look at their site
The best thing of all is that they use computer-guided multimedia based workshop methods as the way to get you to regulate your day to day thoughts and activities to get somewhere you set out to. So, it's like a framework of building blocks to harness internal resources that would otherwise be unchanelled and tied to useless motions. It's the only form of training program I've heard of that does this for real. What I really liked the most is the way they demonstrate the point that just as there are external factors that play a role in what happens in your life or where you wind up, your decisions and actions too can play as much of a role, when conditions that produce where you will wind up are managed in the systemetic way they automated in their workshop. Many real life manifestations can be directly shaped with their automated building blocks. They can help you shape your inner and therefore outer reality more to your design.

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