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Board Of Advisors  ( Not Complete)

President- Joel Segal

Executive Director and founder of "Americans for A Free China," and co-founder of the "Free China Forum." Is President and CEO of Seataf Management, and Northern Virginia based Human Resources, Lobbying, Fundraising  & Public Relations firm.  Has raised over 3 million dollars for children's and homeless organizations; served as campaign director and director of fundraising for Paul Alexander For Congress. Received undergraduate degree in political science, and law degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a law student was the founder and director of the "Student Action Union," the umbrella progressive student organization of the late 1980's that represented over 200 universities in America, and over 15 national student activist organizations. National student leader; founder and director of the National University Divestment Campaign from South Africa.  Was the Director of public relations and special projects for the CAD and FDC in 1991. Was special liazon to Congress, Afl-CIO, and human rights organizations.  Former legislative director to city councilman Dan Clodfelter, Charlotte NC; executive director of Charlotte's jobs and housing programs for the homeless. Founder of the "Chinese Democracy Labor & Organizing Institute" in Washington DC at George Washington University. He is also an author, journalist, professional musician, and a practicing Buddhist.

Dr. Constantine C. Menges, George Washington University, Director. Transitions To Democracy Program

Distinguished Research Professor, International Relations, George Washington University. Dr. Menges has worked as a university professor, author, and senior federal executive for three Presidents. His most recent public service included three years in the White House as Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs where his responsibilities included transitions to democracy. He is the author of several articles and books on foreign policy, and appears frequently on the national media to discuss international trends and issues. Dr. Menges speaks German, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Jamin Raskin- Distinguished Prof. Of Law, American University, Dean of Student Affairs

Graduate of Harvard Law School. Former chief council and special advisor to the Reverend Jessie Jackson. Has appeared on several nationally syndicated news talk shows, is a featured editorial writer and commentator for the Washington Post and several leading American magazines. He is considered one of the most important progressive activist-scholars in America. Expert on constitutional law, civil rights, human rights, and labor law. Help to edit the PFDC's Code of Liberty.

Joe Uehlein, Afl-CIO

Has been a senior American labor activist, organizer, and negotiator for over 23 years. Former executive assistant to George Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO. Currently is the Director of the Chinese Democracy Labor & Organizing Institute. Leader of several progressive American and international labor organizations; distinguished author and jounalist. Senior labor consultant to Solidarity in Poland and labor movements in Eastern Europe. Is considered to be one of America's most important progressive leaders and scholars; very connected to senior officials of the Afl-CIO.

Caleb Marshall, Fenton Commuications

Mr. Marshall is one of America's most important public relations consultants. Fenton Communications is the PR firm used by President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, and many other progressive organizations in America and in the world. He is an experienced grass roots organizer, and has participated or lead major media and fundraising events for the Free Tibet movement. He is working closely with the Free China Unity Conference press conference.

Prof. Joe Drew- Dean of Southeastern University, Washington DC

Mr. Drew has been of the most important scholar activists in Washington DC. Has stood firmly representing student rights as a distinguished professor of political science at UDC for over 25 years. Senior advisor to the Clinton Administration, Washington DC city council, and to Mayor Marion Barry on issues effecting education.

John David Hemenway, Attorney, Law Office of Hemenway & Associates, Washington DC

Senior partner of one of the most prestigous and influential law firms in Washington DC. He is a vocal critic of US foreign policy towards China, and raises funds for the Chinese Democracy Movement. Is a Washington insider and influential lobbyist on Capital Hill.

Mike Cote- Cote Enterprises

Is considered one of the best grass roots organizers in America. Is an expert on facilitating meetings, movement building, democratic decision making, and was one of the chief strategist of the 1980's American student movement, and co-founder of the Student Action Union. He has founded and been the editor of several influential progressive-activist journals and magazines in New Jersey. He was solely responsible for reporting on Mafia activities and political corruption scandals in New Jersey that almost cost him his life.

Elliot Kats

Political activist, poet, co-founder of Student Action Union. Is one of the most important American activists working today. Considered to be one of the best facilitators in the progressive movement, and has been recognized by the New York Times as America's most promising and talented young new poets. Protégé of Allen Ginsberg and Abbie Hoffman. Is an expert on process and Robert's Rules of Order. Is very connected to several nationally known poets, scholars, artists, and rock musicians.

Dianna Tafazoli, Seataf Management

She is a nationally and internationally known Human Resources consultant, and author of seven novels. Ms. Tafazoli was senior advisor to Mayor Marion Barry, and the former Director of Personnel for The District's Child & Family Services. She is a highly respected public relations director and fundraiser for several national charitable organizations.

Other Special Advisors:

Heather Booth- Founder of several influential national grass roots organizations, is in contact with many members on Capitol Hill, and influential in the Washington DC community.

George Lister- Senior Advisor on Human Rights to the Clinton Administration in the State Department. Has met with Free China officials on several occasions to discuss human rights conditions in China.

David Fenton- President, Fenton Commuications

Prof. Bob Learman- American University, Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute

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